Our company, ACE Insulation Products Installed Italian Rock wool plant In Pakistan with a technical collaboration with REVERBERI ITALIA SRL leading and largest company in Italy for manufacturing the Plant of Rockwool. We are in the business of manufacturing of Rockwool Insulation products under the brand name “ACE Rockwool” covering building insulation, industrial and technical Insulation, offering customized solutions for industrial applications, wall and facade systems, acoustic ceilings, engineered fiber solutions, noise and vibration control, process industry, marine and offshore.


1. Become a leading supplier of Rockwool Products.
2. Satisfy our customers by meeting their expectations and needs, both in terms of product quality and service.
3. Carry out optimum utilization of available resources for innovation and continuous improvement in product quality.
4. Look after our people well.
5. Maintain an excellent relationships with our suppliers.
6. Remain committed to our responsibilities towards our Customers.
7. Fulfill our social responsibilities and to work for the betterment of the environment

How Rockwool is made?

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[Courtesy: Rockwool North America]