ACE Insulation Products is a producer of stone mineral wool insulation products that provide thermal insulation, fire protection, and acoustic performance. Our products are made from natural, recyclable stone making them durable and sustainable. In line with the strategic direction of the business, ACE aims to produce stone wool insulation in a safe and efficient manner that meets the customers’ requirements and conforms to relevant standards and legislation while upholding company values.


We are committed to manufacture & supply consistent Quality Products ensuring customer satisfaction. We commit to continually improve the Quality of our product as per Market needs through effective Research & Development and Quarterly Management review process.


Rockwool is completely inorganic material has no corrosive properties, it highly fire resistant, which has long made it an insulation material of choice in many commercial buildings. It achieves its fire resistance without the use of any flame retardant chemicals, which are widely used in most foam-plastic insulation materials—and which I believe to be a huge downside of those products.

Benefits of Rock Wool

Rock wool offers unparalleled ‘4-benefits-in-one’ products that meet ever more testing demands in terms of thermal, fire and acoustic requirements and environmental performance, both during use and when its whole-life impact on the environment is assessed.

1. Thermal Insulation

Rock wool provides excellent thermal insulation, which helps to restrict heat transfer through building envelopes thus reducing the demand for space heating and cooling energy. This, in turn, reduces a host of negative environmental impacts associated with the production of gas and electricity, including the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants such as Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) which are associated with global warming and acid rain. As well as these environmental benefits, thermal insulation provides increased comfort for building occupants (warmer in winter, cooler in summer) and delivers substantial cost savings. Due to such fact, it is highly recommended and used in industries like Cement, Sugar, Power Generation, Petro Chemical, Chemical, Air Conditioning, and the Housing Industry.

2. Acoustic Protection

The ability of Rock wool to absorb sound energy means that it is able to improve the acoustic performance of walls, floors and roofs helping to restrict noise transfer within a building, from one building to another and both to and from a building and the external environment.

3. Fire Protection

Rock wool is non-combustible, so it provides in-built fire protection and effectively contributes to the fire safety of buildings.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Rock wool insulation is one of the few building materials that save energy in use and reduces the need for combustion of fossil fuel cost to provide energy for the heating or cooling of buildings.


ACE Insulation is committed to providing Quality Products to all its Customers Consistently, timely and economically, which meets the requirement of our valued customer.