ACE group of companies is striving to provide a sustainable service to the customers since 1995. ACE Insulation Products started operation in 2019 in Pakistan with a technical collaboration with REVERBERI ITALIA SRL, leading and largest company in Italy for manufacturing the Plant of Rockwool. The plant is initially equipped with an annual capacity of more than 1800 metric tons. In the upcoming years, it is to expand the annual capacity up to 3000 metric tons with the provision of high-quality Rockwool to cover your insulation needs.


ROCKWOOL is mainly made from natural stone. The selected stone is melted in a Furnace at about 1500-1600°C, and the molten lava is fibrous by a spinner. The ¬fibers are then coated with a thermosetting binder which bonds the fibers into a mat. The mat is then cut into suitable sizes for ease of handling and installation. Other products such as blankets, pipe cover or faced products are produced by secondary processes. ROCKWOOL series is an environmentally -friendly product with excellent properties of ¬re safety, water repellency, thermal efficiency, acoustical comfort, etc.


Rockwool products cover the temperature range from -250°C to 800°C. Due to its wide range of products and excellent insulating, fire-resisting and sound-absorbing properties Rockwool is widely used in industrial plants, building construction, air conditioning, and vehicle industry. The use of Rockwool, however, is most recommended for high-temperature applications of the type found in the industrial plants.